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JsonWriterWriteValue Method

Overload List
Public methodWriteValue(Boolean)
Writes a Boolean value.
Public methodWriteValue(Byte)
Writes a Byte value.
Public methodWriteValue(Byte)
Writes a Byte[] value.
Public methodWriteValue(Char)
Writes a Char value.
Public methodWriteValue(DateTime)
Writes a DateTime value.
Public methodWriteValue(DateTimeOffset)
Writes a DateTimeOffset value.
Public methodWriteValue(Decimal)
Writes a Decimal value.
Public methodWriteValue(Double)
Writes a Double value.
Public methodWriteValue(Guid)
Writes a Guid value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int16)
Writes a Int16 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int32)
Writes a Int32 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int64)
Writes a Int64 value.
Public methodWriteValue(NullableBoolean)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableByte)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableChar)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableDateTime)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableDateTimeOffset)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableDecimal)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableDouble)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableGuid)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableInt16)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableInt32)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableInt64)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableSByte)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableSingle)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableTimeSpan)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableUInt16)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableUInt32)
Public methodWriteValue(NullableUInt64)
Public methodWriteValue(Object)
Writes a Object value. An error will raised if the value cannot be written as a single JSON token.
Public methodWriteValue(SByte)
Writes a SByte value.
Public methodWriteValue(Single)
Writes a Single value.
Public methodWriteValue(String)
Writes a String value.
Public methodWriteValue(TimeSpan)
Writes a TimeSpan value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt16)
Writes a UInt16 value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt32)
Writes a UInt32 value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt64)
Writes a UInt64 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Uri)
Writes a Uri value.
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