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Json.NET Schema

Newtonsoft.Json.Schema.Generation Namespace

The Newtonsoft.Json.Schema.Generation namespace provides classes that are used to generate JSON schemas from .NET types.
Public classJSchemaGenerationProvider
Customizes JSchema generation for a Type.
Public classJSchemaGenerationProviderAttribute
Instructs the JSchemaGenerator to use the specified JSchemaGenerationProvider when generating the member or class.
Public classJSchemaGenerator
Generates a JSchema from a specified Type.
Public classJSchemaTypeGenerationContext
Describes a Type and its context when generating a JSchema.
Public classStringEnumGenerationProvider
Customizes JSchema generation for Enum to be a string value.
Public enumerationSchemaIdGenerationHandling
Specifies generated schema Id handling options for the JSchemaGenerator.
Public enumerationSchemaLocationHandling
Specifies the location of referenced schemas for the JSchemaGenerator.
Public enumerationSchemaPropertyOrderHandling
Specifies the schema property ordering for the JSchemaGenerator.
Public enumerationSchemaReferenceHandling
Specifies whether generated schemas can be referenced for the JSchemaGenerator.