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Json.NET Schema

JSchemaValidatingWriter Methods


The JSchemaValidatingWriter type exposes the following members.

Public methodClose
Closes this stream and the underlying stream.
Public methodFlush
Flushes whatever is in the buffer to the underlying streams and also flushes the underlying stream.
Public methodWriteComment
Writes out a comment
containing the specified text.
Protected methodWriteEnd
Writes the specified end token.
Public methodWriteNull
Writes a null value.
Public methodWritePropertyName
Writes the property name of a name/value pair on a Json object.
Public methodWriteRaw
Writes raw JSON.
Public methodWriteRawValue
Writes raw JSON where a value is expected and updates the writer's state.
Public methodWriteStartArray
Writes the beginning of a Json array.
Public methodWriteStartConstructor
Writes the start of a constructor with the given name.
Public methodWriteStartObject
Writes the beginning of a Json object.
Public methodWriteUndefined
Writes an undefined value.
Public methodWriteValue(Boolean)
Writes a Boolean value.
Public methodWriteValue(Byte)
Writes a Byte value.
Public methodWriteValue(Byte)
Writes a Byte[] value.
Public methodWriteValue(Char)
Writes a Char value.
Public methodWriteValue(DateTime)
Writes a DateTime value.
Public methodWriteValue(DateTimeOffset)
Writes a DateTimeOffset value.
Public methodWriteValue(Decimal)
Writes a Decimal value.
Public methodWriteValue(Double)
Writes a Double value.
Public methodWriteValue(Guid)
Writes a Guid value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int16)
Writes a Int16 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int32)
Writes a Int32 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Int64)
Writes a Int64 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Object)
Writes a Object value. An error will raised if the value cannot be written as a single JSON token.
Public methodWriteValue(SByte)
Writes a SByte value.
Public methodWriteValue(Single)
Writes a Single value.
Public methodWriteValue(String)
Writes a String value.
Public methodWriteValue(TimeSpan)
Writes a TimeSpan value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt16)
Writes a UInt16 value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt32)
Writes a UInt32 value.
Public methodWriteValue(UInt64)
Writes a UInt64 value.
Public methodWriteValue(Uri)
Writes a Uri value.
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