Json.NET Commercial Support

Direct line to Json.NET developers, latest features, and scalability and performance guidance.

Prompt, expert support

A direct line to Json.NET developers with a private support desk. Get expert support for Json.NET.

Bug & security bulletins

Subscription to mailing list with alerts of major bugs and security vulnerabilities.

Nightly builds

Get access to the latest features and bug fixes with nightly builds on a private NuGet feed.

Hot fixes

Guaranteed hot fix response time for Json.NET production bugs.

Commercial license

Use Json.NET with a commercial license, if you would prefer not to use an open source license.

Code reviews & guidance

Architecture planning, performance tuning, Q&A and custom development.

Expert support

Save time and money with a direct line to Json.NET developers. Ask development questions via email or a private support desk and get prompt answers from an expert.

A support contract also provides time for architectural planning, Q&A, performance tuning and code reviews. Ensure you are using all Json.NET's features to maximize your application's features and performance.

Support desk

Support contract levels


In thirty minutes, we will help you design your ideal architecture to ensure you meet your performance, quality scalability and cost goals.

Bronze plan includes direct access to Json.NET experts via support desk or email, nightly builds on a private NuGet feed, bug & security bulletins, and a commercial license for Json.NET


Deploy to production with confidence with guaranteed hot fix response time for production issues and a fast response on support issues.

Silver plan includes all the features of the bronze plan, unlimited employees, fast response for support questions and a 7 day hot fix response time on any production issues.


Hot fixes delivered in 2 days, unlimited emergency support incidents, 15 hours of architecture planning, Q&A and custom development.

Gold plan includes all the features of the bronze and silver plans.

Nightly builds

Nightly NuGet Feed & Hot fixes

Get access to features and bug fixes before the next release with access to nightly builds on a private NuGet feed.

Use Json.NET in production with confidence. A support contract provides a guaranteed hot fix response time for any bugs you encounter in production or development.

Bug & security bulletins

Help ensure your application is secure and bug free with Json.NET bug and security bulletins. You can specify email addresses within your organization and get up-to-date information about critical Json.NET issues.

Fixes for any identified issues will be mail available on the Json.NET Nightly NuGet Feed.

Community Bronze Silver Gold
Subscription From $599 From $1499 From $4999
Licenses and early access
MIT License Tick Tick Tick Tick
Commercial License Tick Tick Tick
Nightly builds and private NuGet feed Tick Tick Tick
Online support
Documentation Tick Tick Tick Tick
Bug & security bulletins Tick Tick Tick
48 hour support response time Tick Tick Tick
24 hour support response time Tick Tick
Skype/Teamviewer support
Employees supported 1 unlimited unlimited
Business hours incidents 1 per month unlimited unlimited
Emergency incidents 1 per year unlimited
Hot fix response time
7 business days Tick Tick
2 business days Tick
Guidance & Development
Architecture Planning/Q&A 30 minutes per year 2 hours per year 5 hours per year
Custom Development 1 hour per year 3 hours per year 10 hours per year


Smaller Print

  1. Emergency incidents are those that require support outside of business hours.
  2. Consulting hours and custom development hours roll over to the next year (and the next contract), as long as the contract is continually renewed on time.
  3. Support requests submitted late on a Friday may not be answered until the following Monday.
  4. Support services are not available until payment clears, regardless of other billing terms.
  5. The commercial license is permanent and is retained if a subscription is not renewed.
  6. We reserve the right to cancel and pro-rate refund any support contract (we've never had to do this).
  7. Hotfix response times are relative to identification of the issue, not to the beginning of the diagnostic process (which is generally only a few hours). Some flaws may be outside of our direct control, such as third-party or operating-system components, and workarounds may not always be possible within the given time frame. We always endeavor to exceed the speed of our posted response times, but these times are not absolute guarantees. If at any time you feel we are not meeting your quality expectations, you can request a prorated refund. All services are provided on a best-effort basis and do not constitute a legal warranty or guarantee of any kind.